Dinner for Debbie, 09/24/16

cubed nata de coco and a strand of hijiki on a red grape round, jellyfish filet and baby kale leaf sprinkled with raw hemp seeds, cherry-pomegranate goo from a greek yogurt cup, dried coconut dusted with earthworm casings.

Dinner for Debbie, 12/25/15

coconut, crushed oyster shell, spinach, red bell pepper, whole freeze-dried grasshopper.

Dinner for Debbie, 11/15/15

raw collards, cubed cucumber, dried coconut, organic worm castings, crushed rose petals.

Dinner for Debbie, 09/12/15

blackberry, raspberry, red cabbage, power greens salad mix, earthworm meal, dried cococut.

Dinner for Debbie, 09/06/15

tomato, haricot vert, raisin curls, dried apple, earthworm meal.

Dinner for Debbie, 04/26/15

nori, papaya, mango, pineapple core, powdered earthworm.

Dinner for Debbie, 03/15/15

watermelon, haricot vert, dried coconut, powdered earthworm, ground crickets.

Dinner for Debbie, 03/11/15

cherry tomato, haricot vert, basil, yellow pepper, chia gel.

Dinner for Debbie, 02/22/15

baby spinach, tomato pulp, red cabbage, dried coconut, ground crickets, irish moss powder, kelp powder.

Dinner for Debbie, 01/07/15

mango, dried coconut, powdered earthworm, red oak leaf lettuce.

Dinner for Debbie, 01/04/15

kiwi, cherry tomato and parsley with rooibos leaves, chia, dried bloodworm.

Dinner for Debbie, 11/23/14

lacinto kale leaf, dried cherry, green peas, pear, ground brine shrimp, ground crickets.

Dinner for Debbie, 10/28/14

basil leaf, carrot, red pepper, red rose petals, apple.

Dinner for Debbie, 07/05/14

asparagus, orange pulp, ground mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, plankton, krill, blood worm, and mealworm.

Dinner for Debbie, 05/20/14

strawberry, red rose petals, chamomile flower, dried coconut, dried shrimp.

Dinner for Debbie, 05/16/14

blueberry, dried coconut, ground crickets, irish moss powder, kelp powder, tomato slices, freeze-dried mealworm.

Dinner for Debbie, 05/04/14

kale, mashed banana, freeze-dried mealworm, tomato pulp, dried marigold petals, sorghum sticks, tomato peel.

Dinner for Debbie, 12/25/13

kiwi, green chard, red pepper, dried coconut, chia gel, crushed oyster shell, powdered earthworm.

Dinner for Debbie, 10/31/13

chard stem, blueberry top, plankton and aloe mash, chia, dried coconut mesclun salad mix leaf.

Dinner for Debbie, 09/25/13

spinach, raw oats, blueberry pulp, medjool date, dried coconut, ground plankton, krill, and mealworm.