browser works   (website, 2018)
My Afterlife Is So Boring II   (digital commission for NewHive, 2015)
a double-e waterfall   (animated gifs, 2015)
Remoji   (online project for Kunsthall Stavanger, Stavanger Norway, 2013)   (website, 2012)   (website, 2012)   (website, 2011)   (website, 2011)
XANAX   (installation, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York NY, 2010)
XANAX   (flash animation, 2010)
Afterglow   (flash animation, 2010)
Garbage Flowers I, II, III   (flash animation, 2010)
Don't Look   (flash animation, 2009)
Great!   (flash animation, 2009)
Omit Evil Roses   (flash animation, collaboration with Olivier Mosset, 2009)
Untitled   (flash animation, collaboration with Olivier Mosset, 2009)
Kaleidoscopes   (flash animation, 2009)


Fire/Water   (video, 2018)
Real Worlds   (video and animated gifs, 2016)
green crack/blue dream   (video, 2016)
internet love poem   (video, 2015)
here2daygone4evr   (video, 2015)
Puff Up   (video, 2015)
Flesh World   (video, 2015)
Mega Gem   (video, 2014)
Evil Olive   (video, 2014)
My Afterlife Is So Boring (I)   (video installation, Eyebeam, New York NY, 2013)
Mirror Rim   (video, 2013)
Open Air   (music video for Blues Control, 2013)
Dark Star   (video, 2013)
Love's A Rondo   (music video for Blues Control, 2012)
Gno Exit   (video, 2012)
Horror Dog   (video, 2012)
NOPRAH   (video, 2011)
Murder C Walk   (video, 2011)


Pregnant Pause  (augmented reality, Hello, we're from the internet, MoMAR, New York NY, 2018)
congratulations you've reached the end...  (garment with augmented reality for NEW INC, 2015)


Ray's   (self-published, 2014)
O.O.H.   (with Luisa Smith, NSEW Press, 2012)
PMA/FTW   (self-published, 2011)
Just Desserts   (Medium Rare, 2009)
Horse/Girl   (self-published, 2008)
Siouxsie Eyes   (self-published, 2005)
Lovelace   (self-published, 2004)
Ouija   (self-published, 2003)
There Is A Roped Off Pew In The Church of My Heart For The Obsessed   (self-published, 2002)

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