Tara Sinn

real worlds  (video collages, 2016)
lyrical dabs  (digital paintings, 2016)

like a double-e waterfall  (digital collage with sound, 2015)
or a ribbon for your hair  (digital collage with sound, 2015)
Flesh World  (video, 2015)
internet love poem  (video, 2015)
My Afterlife Is So Boring II  (digital installation commissioned by NewHive, 2015)
Puff Up  (video, 2015)
Pool Loop  (video, 2015)
Heaven Is A Wet Hole  (video, 2015)

Mixed Grill  (video, 2014)
happyhappyhardcore.com  (website, 2014)
Mega Gem  (video, 2014)
Evil Olive  (video, 2014)

Dinner for Debbie  (images, ongoing)
Clock Stops  (digital paintings, 2013)
Teddy Fields  (video, 2013)
Candy Goo  (prints, 2013)
My Afterlife Is So Boring I  (video installation, 2013)
Remoji  (digital commission for Kunsthall Stavanger, 2013)
Dark Star  (video, 2013)
cat-bounce.com (web, 2013)
PMA/FTW  (self-published zine, 2013)
Mirror Rim  (video, 2013)

Salad Days  (installation, 2012)
O.O.H. with Luisa Pelipetz  (zine and poster published by NSEW Press, 2012)
Horror Dog II: Electric Boogaloo  (video, 2012)
Gno Exit  (video, 2012)
wutdafuk.com  (web, 2012)
Vapors  (web, 2012)
greatbignothing.com  (web, 2012)
miami-blues.com (2012)

NOPRAH  (video, 2011)
Murder C Walk  (video, 2011)
dazzlecamouflage.com  (web, 2011)
Infinite Abyss  (web, 2011)

nullingthevoid.com  (web) (2010)
XANAX  (installation and lenticular print, 2010)
XANAX  (digital animation, 2010)
Afterglow  (web, 2010)
Life's A Beach  (web, 2010)
Garbage Flowers  I, II, III  (web, 2010)

Just Desserts  (edition published by Medium Rare, 2009)
crysta1-wor1d.com  (web, 2009)
Don't Look  (web, 2009)
Great!  (digital animation, 2009)
Omit Evil Roses  (digital animation, in collaboration with Olivier Mosset, 2009)
Untitled  (digital animation, in collaboration with Olivier Mosset, 2009)
Kaleidoscopes  (web, 2009)


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